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ZXT-S  Series vacuum purification machine

Classification: purification machine

Product description: vacuum purification machine

ZXT-10Q water separation and purification equipment series
ZXT-10Q water separation …
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ZXT-Q water separation and purification equipment series
ZXT-Q water separation an…
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ZXT-30Q water separation and purification equipment series
ZXT-30Q water separation …
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vacuum purification

LongKong an effective solutionoil material contaminationquestion

Stable operation, to provide users with more protection and more valuable quality improvement
Saving Cost Low energy consumption
low consumables and low cost
Reduce odor Change the discoloration and odor of
waste liquid, can effectively deodorize
Improve the quality Solve machined
surface impurities rust
vacuum purification
  • 200%

    Save 200% of operating costs
  • 100%

    Sincere Service
  • 30%

    Second glance
oil-water separation

Maintenance cost reduction Minimize downtime

[Cost savings of up to $1 million/year]

Customer case engineering

To provide customers with competitive commercial oil-water separation equipment solutions and services, to create more value for customers

EnterLongKong  Technology

13year focus on energy saving net oil production and sales
 Kunshan longjingyuan environmental protection equipment technology co. LTDIs a collection of “ research, production, sales, Service ” as one of the innovative technology enterprises. Professional production and sales of oil and water separators, purifiers, solvent recovery machines, cleaning machines, industrial waste water reuse, etc., since its inception, in line with the company's “ quality, integrity, environmental protection, service, Innovation ” business philosophy for the purpose.
Purification products are widely used in hydraulic system, power, petrochemical, railway, automobile manufacturing, steel, paper, chemical fibers, construction machinery, ships and other fields. Has been committed to science and technology to promote the development of modern fluid equipment as a mission, relying on its strong leading technology development strength, advanced production equipment, perfect detection means....
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